Thought Leader Life 242: Guest Denise Benz


Using your voice to impact and inspire others. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Denise Benz (, the former CEO of the Lisa Nichols Companies. She has been in the self-development industry for over 17 years now and is dubbed the “fixer,” for she has the ability to motivate staff to reach peak performance and realign teams so they commit to realizing their corporate mission.

As the founder of Authentic Speakers Agency, she is passionate about developing artists who are committed to using their talents to influence and impact others. Her clients vary from asset management companies to celebrities.

If you want to start using your voice and impact others with your platform, reach out to Denise Benz by visiting her websites, and

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • The pain point of experts is having a message that lives in them but not knowing how to package and share it with the world. Denise Benz can help you #VoiceItOut. @DeniseBenz
  • A professional’s credibility isn’t only based on the people whom they have worked with but also on what they have done and how they have impacted others. This is where Denise Benz can be of help. @DeniseBenz
  • Speakers, professionals, and entertainers just want to replicate someone else when they have their own story to tell and share. They should find a platform that represents their authenticity with the help of Denise Benz! @DeniseBenz
  • The word of mouth generated by an artist management agency speaks volumes of its credibility. Choose one that is highly regarded by its previous clients, like Denise Benz! @DeniseBenz
  • A management agency can help motivate staff to reach peak performance and realign a team to focus on its corporate mission. Have you found the right #AuthenticSpeakersAgency? You should! @DeniseBenz

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