Thought Leader Life 262: Guest Lisa Fey

Enhance your team performance through effective corporate training strategies with a twist of humor. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Lisa Fey, an accomplished communication expert, speaker, and author who helps leaders overcome today’s most prevalent business challenge: communication.

By sharing her strategic communication tools through keynotes, training, and workshops, she helps enhance team communications throughout the entire organization.

If you’re a leader of an org and recognize that your team’s performance is ineffective because you have ineffective communication, reach out to Lisa Fey at

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Leaders who have identified that ineffective communication is one of the reasons that they’re struggling to hit their goals should see the work being done by Lisa Fey at #IneffectiveCommunication
  • Now that we are more on our phones and computers, we’ve lost the ability to have a conversation that connects us with each other. Are you facing communication problems within your org? #IneffectiveCommunication
  • These days, we communicate in a way that only gets our own point of view out, rather than stopping and listening to identify the things that could connect us to the person we’re talking to. #IneffectiveCommunication
  • I meet with my clients and talk to them about why communication is a problem in their org. Then, we discuss the symptoms of #IneffectiveCommunication and their impact on my client’s business.
  • I use the tools of improv comedy because I’ve learned that it helps you make connections. It teaches you how to listen and connect differently. #EffectiveComedyTraining @LisaFeySpeaks

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