Thought Leader Life 274: Guest Mei Lin Fung

The Internet: A platform where people can connect to thrive. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Mei Lin Fung, who co-founded the People Centered Internet with Vint Cerf so that everyone can have access to the opportunities that are made possible when people are connected. Mei Lin is a technology pioneer working to ensure that technology works for humanity in future generations.

Mei Lin specializes in working with people in communities to form learning networks in order to visualize, voice, take action and make their dreams come true. Her goal is to set up trading posts on the Internet frontier where people from different networks can exchange experiences and knowledge and find friends and fellow travelers.

If you are concerned about the direction of the Internet and want to do something to make sure it fulfills its promise, consider reaching out to Mei Lin Fung by visiting her website and going to

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • People who are concerned about the direction of the #Internet and want to do something to make sure it fulfills its promise, should reach out to Mei Lin Fung. @MeiLinFung
  • The #Internet is being used for all kinds of purposes. Oftentimes, it is used in a negative way. But do you realize that we have a great potential for changing this direction to a positive? @MeiLinFung
  • I helped to invent CRM back in the early 1990s. I believe in using the #Internet and #Technology to help businesses understand their customers better and to build stronger relationships.
  • I studied under two Nobel Prize winners in addition to the inventor of the Black-Scholes options pricing model. This gives me the perceived credibility to help my clients do something about the direction of the #Internet and #Technology.
  • I feel I have a responsibility to speak up about changing the direction of the #Internet and #Technology. I am determined to use my intellect, voice, and heart to make sure that the world is a better place for future generations.

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