Thought Leader Life 279: Guest Paul D’Souza

Hit your revenue goals by being authentic in selling. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Paul D’Souza, an author, speaker, chief revenue officer, teacher of meditation, executive coach, and sales and strategy consultant who helps companies increase revenue.

Paul has been turning businesses around since 2003 by helping CEOs create effective marketing strategies, sales strategies, and delivery processes so customers can have an amazing experience with the company.

If you’re a CEO who’s not hitting that number and feel like you could lose your job, you’ve got to reach out to Paul D’Souza at

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • All business is personal, so I address the humanity of the people in business. I bring authenticity into the sales pitch because that’s what people buy first. #AuthenticityInBusiness
  • If you’re not in your zone, you’re not in your mindset, and if what you’re selling is not anchored in your heart, you’re not gonna sell anything. #AuthenticityInBusiness
  • I tie meditation to sales strategies because the CEO in the company has to have #AuthenticityInBusiness. Are you authentic? @PDSouza
  • I ask every CEO how their business goals fit into the story of their life. They have to answer why they’re doing all of these sales strategies so they can reach #AuthenticityInBusiness. @PDSouza
  • What I do is to orchestrate strategies for marketing, sales, and delivery, then bring them all together so companies can reach their revenue goals. #RevenueProblemFixer

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