Thought Leader Life 287: Guest Mark Maes

Successfully run your business and achieve your goals with an effective business mapping approach. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Mark Maes (, founder and CEO of Maes and Associates, LLC. He is also an accomplished business advisor and keynote speaker.

Mark conducts business strategy consulting for private sector business owners, especially to military veterans. He is dedicated to helping his clients to collectively identify and achieve their vision, key goals and objectives for their businesses and organizations.

If you’re in the private sector or in the military and want to know how to run a business successfully with a methodology and approach for #BusinessMapping, you should consider reaching out to Mark Maes by visiting his website at or

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • We’re really proud to be able to help our military veterans reposition themselves to an executive-level in the private sector of business. #BusinessMapping @MaesAssociates
  • Veterans have such great disciplines that were learned in the military. With those core training values, we just fine-tune them and align them for a winning position in the private sector business. Just that right mindset. #BusinessMapping @MaesAssociates
  • We’re changing the focus of our clients’ visions and readjusting their goals to SMART goals and action steps. We show them how to communicate and articulate with co-workers in order for them to accomplish the goals that they have before them. #BusinessMapping @MaesAssociates
  • We break the business into five departments and we train clients on the details of how to manage each and every one of those departments. It changes the mindset of uncertainty into being absolute. #BusinessMapping @MaesAssociates
  • Having been in the business for 35 years, working with hundreds of people and different companies, Mark Maes is someone you can turn to in order to reposition your business and run it successfully. #BusinessMapping @MaesAssociates

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