Thought Leader Life 302: Guest Steven Crawford

Giving your employees the work-life synergy they need with change management. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Steven Crawford (, Director of Sales and a senior consultant at McGhee Productivity Solutions.

Steven conducts change management programs for individuals and orgs. He helps empower individuals, teams and orgs so that they can increase their performance and work-life balance. He is dedicated to helping his clients create a culture of productivity, alignment and accountability.

If your employees are not aligned or effective in the ways they need to be, there is a #ChangeManagement approach that you can use. You should consider reaching out to Steven Crawford by visiting his website at or

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Clients who have employees who lack an alignment to the company’s goals and objectives should look at the work being done by Steven Crawford. #ChangeManagement @StevenDCrawford
  • Clients who are facing challenges with workflow management, email overload and too many meetings and interruptions should consider getting the help of an expert in dealing with those challenges. #ChangeManagement @StevenDCrawford
  • Get your work-life synergy by focusing on training and your personal workflow management. That training process enables you to set up your day and manage what matters most. #ChangeManagement @StevenDCrawford
  • Get work-life synergy for your organization with #ChangeManagement programs that will drive alignment and accountability within the org. @StevenDCrawford
  • Getting people truly aligned is more important than their just agreeing to company goals and missions. #ChangeManagement @StevenDCrawford

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