Thought Leader Life 303: Guest Jeff Shavitz

Reduce credit card processing fees and save more money for your company. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Jeff Shavitz, who is a senior entrepreneur and has spent the majority of his career in the payment processing merchant services industry.

He helps business owners save money on their credit card processing fees without needing to change their existing credit card processor or bank.

If you’re a CEO or CFO who pays more than you should on credit card processing and you want to figure out how to save that money, you should reach out to Jeff Shavitz by sending him an email at

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • CEOs and CFOs who are paying more than they should on credit card processing fees should reach out to Jeff Shavitz at #CreditCardFeeReduction
  • We want to help business leaders, executives, CEOs, CFOs, and office managers take control of their credit card expenses. #CreditCardFeeReduction
  • Most business executives just don’t understand what they’re paying to VISA, Mastercard, AmEx, and Discover on a monthly basis. Do you know how much you can save when you learn #CreditCardFeeReduction?
  • Our business model is that we don’t ask our clients to change anything. We let them stay with their existing bank while we discover ways to save money for them. #CreditCardFeeReduction
  • Our clients give us a piece of the pie when we make or save them money through #CreditCardFeeReduction. If we saved them zero, then they pay us zero. Very simple.

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