Thought Leader Life 328: Guest Anuschka Ollnow


Grow your business through an optimized, solid, yet flexible structure. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Anuschka Ollnow, the founder of Contoured Consulting.

Anuschka provides sustainable and scalable business management services for more freedom, income, and impact to service-based online businesses.

If you’re an entrepreneur who thinks that you’ve made a wrong step or realizes that you can’t do everything on your own to grow your business, reach out to Anuschka Ollnow at

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business but are so strapped for time to grow and build their team should reach out to Anuschka Ollnow at #OptimizedBusinessStructure
  • Entrepreneurs are sometimes in a situation where they are too little, too late in organizing and structuring their business. They need an #OptimizedBusinessStructure so they can grow.
  • There are entrepreneurs who reach a certain level of success because they’re doing the right thing. But then, they hit the wall, realizing that they can’t do it all by themselves. #OptimizedBusinessStructure
  • Sometimes, I find entrepreneurs in a situation where it’s too much, too soon for them. They have already hired people the wrong way, and they need an #OptimizedBusinessStructure to continue their growth.
  • A business is like a pyramid put on its head. When only on one side, it will topple at some point. As the owner, you are at the pinnacle, and you need an #OptimizedBusinessStructure to balance the pyramid.

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