Thought Leader Life 355: Guest Dr. Flo Falayi



Become an effective leader by discovering your purpose and calling. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert, Dr. Flo Falayi (, a dynamic leadership expert, business advisor, management consultant and executive coach. He helps leaders and organizations to unionize and maximize disruptions.

As a leadership coach, Dr. Flo speaks at conferences and advises leaders and private, public and nonprofit organizations on culture, leadership excellence, business success, youth empowerment, change, national development and capacity development. He is focused on identifying, raising and developing the next generation of global leaders and entrepreneurs and is rooted in his doctoral research.

If you are questioning your effectiveness as a #Leader, you should consider reaching out to Dr. Flo Falayi by visiting his website and going to

Here are a few AHA messages from this episode:

  • #Leaders who are questioning their effectiveness should reach out to Dr. Flo Falayi. @DrFloFalayi
  • The irony is that many #Leaders who successfully run huge orgs often question if what they are doing is impactful. They question themselves, their work and everything around them. @DrFloFalayi
  • #Leaders who are questioning their effectiveness, in many instances, are really not living in the center of their purpose and calling. I can help you to discover, develop and deploy your purpose and calling. @DrFloFalayi
  • #Leaders can greatly benefit from the discovery of their true selves. I can work with you to uncover to the world who you are.
  • I am a Forbes Certified Executive Coach and have a PhD in Organizational Leadership. That gives me the perceived credibility to help #Leaders find their purpose and effectiveness.

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