Thought Leader Life 368: Guest Alan Jackson



Reach your audience and tell your story through creative multimedia platforms. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Alan Jackson (, the founder, producer, and strategic director of Jackson Creative, the founder and senior consultant at Jackson Insight, and a professional management consultant with a focus on employee and customer satisfaction surveys and market perception studies.

Alan is one of the pioneers in creating “The MESH,” an online network of audio and video podcasts created in Western North Carolina that has received over 150,000 downloads of original episodes with subjects about business, arts, entertainment, and sports. His specialties include marketing, digital communication, media production, employee and customer satisfaction, perception surveys, research, and management consulting, among others.

If you’re an organization whose story needs to be told with help from an expert in video and graphics, reach out to Alan Jackson by visiting his website,, and going to

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Small and midsize organizations having a hard time telling their story and getting their message heard by a larger audience should reach out to Alan Jackson.
  • My role is to master your story in a way that comes across and reaches the right audience for the products and services you offer, while empowering your brand to #TellTheStory yourself. @alanjackson
  • I can walk you through the best ways, channels, technology, and visuals to use to #TellYourStory, as it is important to share and communicate with the right audience about you and what you do. @alanjackson
  • I can help your organization #TellTheStory by providing and building communication pieces and visual messages, whether it’s video, film, websites, podcast, visual display systems, branding, graphics, or design.
  • Having directed over 100 short-form videos for organizations since 1994, ranging from educational videos to promotional films, gives me the credibility to share ideas and thoughts to bring out the best of your story. #TellTheStory

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