Thought Leader Life 372: Guest Whitney Vosburgh



Change for the better with purposeful self-discovery to affect your community of stakeholders and the world. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Whitney Vosburgh (, the co-founder of Work The Future! Today + Brand New Purpose—a consultant, author, speaker, TV host, workshop leader, and Fortune 20 Chief Marketing Officer. He brings a holistic point of view to crystalize brand, community, and marketing strategy to optimize key windows of opportunity, such as pivots, positionings and global launches.

Whitney creates clarity and reveals essence by removing unnecessary details and obstacles. He is passionate about elevating people, organizations, and communities to a brand-new sense of purpose, possibility, and plenty. He inspires and leads short-term innovation and long-term transformation to nurture people’s gifts and passions to make a lasting difference in the world.

If you’re a leader who has lost their way and purpose — whether you show it in public or not —reach out to Whitney Vosburgh by visiting his website,, and going to

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • NEW WORLD, NEW PLAN: Leaders and organizations who have lost their way should reach out to Whitney Vosburgh.
  • SHIFTING CHANGE: CEOs who had clear purpose before can lose their way after massive changes in the world. I can help redirect your focus after losing sight of where you came from and guide you where you could and should go. #NorthStar @brandguru
  • THE POWER OF WHY: My role is to counsel you on having a #NorthStar to which you can always navigate to find your way, based on your unique purpose, values, and relevance to the marketplace for stories, goods and services. @brandguru
  • STAKEHOLDERS: Community building is now more important than ever. Social media is a good example. I can teach you how to move from your head to your heart to your hands to share and fulfill your purpose. #NorthStar @brandguru
  • LEADING LEADERS: Over $20 billion worth of value creation as a marketing executive and consultant and having authored books about the Future of Work give me the credibility to replicate results specific to your calling. #NorthStar

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