Thought Leader Life 384: Guest Maryellen Stockton



Work well remotely and adapt in today’s modern workplace with customized coaching, training, and consulting. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Maryellen Stockton (, co-founder of Work Well Wherever, Remote Work HR Consultant, Remote Career Services, and People Operations & Culture. She works with organizations and small businesses to achieve flexibility in the workplace.

Maryellen is committed to helping companies focus on the often-overlooked human connections in remote teams. Her 15 years of experience in the field allows her to know the best practices for remote working and how it can be a platform for organizations to be more productive and efficient. She partners with key stakeholders and assists them in building a remote roadmap that meets them where they are in their journey to workplace flexibility.

If you are a small business or startup company that wants to work well remotely, reach out to Maryellen Stockton by visiting her website,, and going to to see how it’s done!

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Startups and small businesses that want to work well remotely should reach out to Maryellen Stockton and achieve workplace flexibility.
  • The first thing when I work with my clients is talk about what processes, tools, and communication they already have in place. It’s like getting to know them to discover their company culture.
  • We work through how often companies are meeting and what their rituals are, and we make sure that every aspect of their business reflects back on their culture so we can set them up to work remotely.
  • The modern workplace has a new and growing demand: flexibility. Are you updated with the emerging policies? Are you ready to implement them? You should be!
  • Small businesses and startups seeking change in today’s modern workplace need customized coaching, training, and consulting. Are you geared toward this direction? You should be!

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