Thought Leader Life 396: Guest Mike Gospe



Optimize results and be more customer-focused through Customer Advisory Board Strategies. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Mike Gospe (, a professional CAB facilitator, market strategist, author, and coach, who has inspired many B2B companies to become more customer focused.

Mike is a seasoned facilitator who has 17 years of experience in customer advisory boards and partner advisory boards. His passion is inspiring and guiding CEOs and their leadership team to focus on what their customers say. He has heightened customer insights that he has put to good use in coaching cross-functional teams in improving alignment of shared priorities and goals.

If you want to be successful tomorrow but need to know who your customers are today to keep them in the future, reach out to Mike Gospe by going to

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Customers or C-suite executives who are not getting the full value out of their customer advisory board and don’t know what to do about it should reach out to Mike Gospe.
  • An advisory board is a unique kind of engagement. It’s a strategy-level focus group that is centered on the future, on the customer, and where their business is going and evolving over the next three years.
  • It’s not about the host company, but about the trends and drivers on how the customer’s business evolves. What goals are they trying to achieve? How can we, the host company, help them be successful?
  • The problem is that most executives like talking about themselves more than listening to somebody else. Part of the challenge is this: How do you get executives to actually listen?
  • On average, it takes three to four months to plan an advisory board meeting, and that’s because you just don’t throw slides together. You interact and discuss!

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