Thought Leader Life 415: Guest Kami Huyse



Optimize sky-rocketing results and revenue for your business by connecting to your target audience and building an online community. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Kami Huyse (, the CEO at Zoetica Media, a social media expert, digital strategist, speaker, and author who connects people and ideas. She is passionate about building communities and driving measurable results.

Kami is an award-winning architect of numerous marketing and influencer relations programs, which have earned her two Society for New Communications Research Social Media awards and the IABC’s Gold Quill of Excellence Award. She is a professional in getting results for clients through the use of a strategic approach tailor-fitted to every project.

If you’re in a medium- to large-sized enterprise and don’t have an online community despite having many customers, reach out to Kami Huyse by visiting her profile at

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Medium to large companies that have clients but no community should reach out to Kami Huyse.
  • Every brand knows that they should have a presence on social media, but it’s hard to get heard in a crowded marketplace. We’ve all had cricket posts. Kami helps businesses get heard.
  • We’ve are down into the trenches day-to-day. We’ve helped enterprise companies build online communities that support the brand and their customers.
  • I want to help more businesses get the same results from the frameworks we had developed for bigger companies, so we created Smart Social Secrets, an online course that will teach you how to find, engage and activate your online community.
  • Collaborating with experts in social media allows you to create powerful content that will connect you to your ideal audience and help you start talking to the people who will get you the best results!

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