Thought Leader Life 421: Guest Carl Friesen



Build a credible reputation by getting your leadership content published to effectively stand out from the competition. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Carl Friesen (, the principal at Global Reach Communications. He helps business professionals publish content that builds their profile as thought leaders.  Through effective media relations, Carl is the go-to consultant of accountants, actuaries, architects, other consultants, engineers, and lawyers on developing concepts, selected publications, and coordinating with magazine editors to work on interviewing the named author and ghost-write articles to publication.

Carl’s background in journalism comes into play when he helps develop informative content to show his clients’ expertise. He selects niche news media that are visible, have a wide reach, and are trusted by people in their market to get ideas published and amplify their impact through social media.

If you know that you’re better than all your other competitors but are still blending into the woodwork, reach out to Carl Friesen by visiting his website,, and going to

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Business professionals who blend into the woodwork and don’t like it should reach out to Carl Friesen.
  • How do you get seen out of the plethora of people out there who claim expertise in the field you’re in? I can help you #StandOut in terms of the services you offer better than the others to get noticed. @carlfriesen
  • The ability to democratize content is here and now, where everyone can easily grab a phone or camera or go online and talk about themselves. I can get your original content published to #StandOut with your thought leadership.
  • Do you want your current and potential clients to see your firm as a safe, reliable, and recognized choice? My role is to showcase your expertise by creating infographics and webinars focusing on your value. #StandOut @carlfriesen
  • It’s not wise to fight Google or big names that are better at developing content and getting published. I can place your ideas — your niche trade media, either print or online — where your ideal clients are already looking: on #StandOut.

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