Thought Leader Life 435: Guest Bryan Mattimore



Generating breakthrough ideas through ideation, creation, and innovation to get successful marketable propositions and increase your sales. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Bryan Mattimore (, Co-Founder and Chief Idea Guy at Growth Engine Company. He is also an author and keynote speaker.

Bryan conducts ideations sessions and facilitation for companies and their teams. He helps them generate breakthrough ideas for them to get marketable propositions and strategies that have a high chance of success in the marketplace. His methodologies are proven to be effective in dealing with the challenges, problems, pain points, and even the opportunities that companies face. He is dedicated to partnering with companies to provide a continuous stream of innovative products, services, and ideas for top-line growth and profitability.

If you need help on basically, ideation, creation, and innovation of who you are and what you do, you should consider reaching out to Bryan Mattimore by visiting his website at or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Companies that are struggling to ideate, create and innovate should turn to look at the work being done by Bryan Mattimore. #BreakthroughIdeas @BryanMattimore1
  • Is your company doing a terrible job of generating ideas? Do you know the effective way to do it? You should know the proper way to effectively generate ideas for your company. #BreakthroughIdeas @BryanMattimore1
  • Preparation is key to generating ideas. You have to use stimuli to trigger ideas. How do you generate #BreakthroughIdeas for your company? @BryanMattimore1
  • Do you need help in generating #BreakthroughIdeas? I am an expert in getting teams to ideate breakthrough ideas that can be used as effective strategies for your company. @BryanMattimore1
  • I design and facilitate ideation sessions. Refining your ideas will help you get marketable propositions that have a high chance of success in the marketplace. #BreakthroughIdeas @BryanMattimore1

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