Thought Leader Life 459: Guest Adam Torres



Spread joy to the world and share your business journey and unique story through podcasts. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Adam Torres (, co-founder of Mission Matters Media which is a media, publishing and podcast marketing agency dedicated to the needs of business owners, entrepreneurs and executives. He is an international speaker, author of multiple books and a podcast host himself of the Mission Matters series of podcasts which has a catalogue of more than 1,800 episodes.

Adam’s success in publishing books and using them to brand and build his former wealth management practice is evident from his clientele that includes over 1,000 business owners and families he has advised with a cumulative net worth exceeding $500 million dollars. His mission is to help people in the business and entrepreneurial industry to further their organizations’ causes, products and services by becoming published authors.

If you need to do a podcast or you know somebody in your community who needs this, consider reaching out to Adam Torres by visiting his websites and

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Business owners and executives who want to start a podcast but don’t know how or find it difficult to do by themselves should reach out to Adam Torres.
  • One of the best practices in thought leadership is creating your own thought leadership channel. Are you ready to maximize your voice and presence online to expand your business? #BeHeardBeSeen @askadamtorres
  • I run a full service podcast marketing agency where I can help you elevate your business through podcasting from end to end – starting a podcast, developing your show, and editing among others. #BeHeardBeSeen
  • I can get your podcast episodes out and guide you in having a structured system ready to go. Tell me your story and I can show you how to share that through podcasting on various platforms. #BeHeardBeSeen @askadamtorres
  • Whether you just want your podcasts edited or you need help on crafting your message, I can shine a light on your brand and put you in front of a mic with confidence that strategically reaches your audience. #BeHeardBeSeen

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