Thought Leader Life 467: Guest Dorinda Vance



Profit from passion and build wealth and health opportunities for self and others. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Dorinda Vance (, co-founder/co-CEO of LiveKAYA (a health and wellness company), Chief Chocolate Officer of Dorinda’s chocolates, natural connector of people, gastronomic artist, results-driven leader, and serial entrepreneur who is known in many communities for her genuine love of people and heartfelt desire to help others achieve their own dreams.

While growing the company (LiveKAYA) to a world-wide enterprise with no less than her family, she oversees day-to-day operations with a keen eye and deep knowledge of chocolate. Dorinda’s reputation for handcrafted, award-winning, decadent chocolates made of whole fresh ingredients has grown and she is now indisputably the region’s most celebrated chocolatier.

To learn more about Dorinda Vance and how to join a booming industry that lets you enjoy chocolates with superior quality and comes with income opportunities, visit her websites and

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Individuals who are leery about joining a network marketing company should reach out to Dorinda Vance.
  • What’s it like to love something with all your heart and watch it grow to become so much more than you ever imagined? I can help you reach your dreams while you earn. #SkinnyChocolates
  • My role is to provide you with an opportunity to profit from the exponential growth in the health and wellness market by sharing your story and our hand-crafted, top quality products. #SkinnyChocolates
  • To get you started in business, I can provide training to teach you how to make money and support your growth and success as a brand partner so you can share your accomplishments with other people. #SkinnyChocolates
  • Thirteen years in business and having studied with world chocolate masters gives me credibility to be a celebrated chocolatier who can pass on knowledge to you so you can become your own success story. #SkinnyChocolates

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