Thought Leader Life 476: Guest Steve Sapato



Engage your audience and get your message across through effective speaking skills. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Steve Sapato (, who is the director of He is known as the most famous unfamous speaker in America.

Steve has been a speaker and trainer for over 40 years. As a speaking coach, he trains on the 25 areas of speaking, which creates superior leaders as well as improves sales and successful script creation to produce the highest closing rates. He also trains people on exceptional communication, which includes questioning and listening skills that lead to usable and effective connections.

If you have a message and no one is listening, you should consider reaching out to Steve Sapato by visiting his website and going to

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • People who have a #Message, but are unable to engage their audience and get their message across, should reach out to Steve Sapato. @SteveSapato
  • People around the world are speaking, yet their #Message often falls on deaf ears. I can help you get your message across to your intended audience. @SteveSapato
  • It does not matter what your background is or where you are at. Speaking is a skill that can be learned. I can help you get clarity of your #Message so that people will hear you. @SteveSapato
  • I have over 40 years of experience helping thousands of people gain confidence in their speaking abilities. This gives me the perceived credibility to help you become a great speaker and get your #Message across to people. @SteveSapato
  • People need to know how to captivate their audience. Once their audience likes and trusts them, they will start to listen. I will train you to help change people’s lives through your #Message. @SteveSapato

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