Thought Leader Life 494: Guest Lucas Root



Design a clear and success-driven strategy for key business initiatives. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Lucas Root (, accomplished speaker, entrepreneur, author, business success mentor and founder of SGIC Consulting which works with clients to build a high-performance strategy and implement that strategy across their businesses to achieve the maximum growth potential possible. His major divestiture completed two (2) months ahead of schedule and saved more than two (2) billion dollars.

With over 19 years of success across banking, technology, investments, health and wellness, athletics, and interactive media (gaming), Lucas helps identify roadblocks to success and where his clients could be heading toward failure. He specializes in speaking to entrepreneurs and business owners on getting their strategy on track for success and massive growth.

If you’re looking for a marketing-oriented person who comes up with ideas and strategies that can bring significant dollars to the table, consider reaching out to Lucas Root by visiting his websites and

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Strong brands with a great idea – and well-funded – but don’t quite know how to execute that idea should reach out to Lucas Root.
  • It’s not always about a great idea as it is about talent. More than anything, it’s about execution. I can work out a plan for you to effectively execute your idea. #MakeIdeasHappen @lucroot
  • With my guidance, I can help you discover key strategies in the areas of sourcing, operations, and funding that will significantly increase profits and revenue quickly. #MakeIdeasHappen @lucroot
  • My role is to teach you how to succeed where others have failed by providing you with a few pieces of critical information, such as in project management. Are you ready to see your ideas to bear fruit? #MakeIdeasHappen
  • Exposure in mergers and acquisitions and my clientele list serving startups and businesses that have seen growth in revenue gives me credibility to #MakeIdeasHappen with strategies and results specific to your company’s needs. @lucroot

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