Thought Leader Life 518: Guest Quinn Ferrall



Optimizing performance by harnessing the power of emotional intelligence. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Quinn Ferrall (, who is the founder and performance mindset coach at Infinite Humans.

Quinn helps engineers and other design professionals find success in their careers by bridging the gap between their hard and soft skills. He helps you harness the power of emotional intelligence and provides the opportunity for you and your team to achieve optimum performance every time.

If you are an engineer who is product-focused and not people-focused, you should consider reaching out to Quinn Ferrall by visiting his website and going to

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Engineers who are either project-focused or not people-focused should reach out to Quinn Ferrall. #EmotionalIntelligence @QuinnFerrall
  • #EmotionalIntelligence is not an inherent trait but a skill developed through targeted education and practice. I can work with you to unlock the power of EI to boost engagement and maximize efficiency. @QuinnFerrall
  • #EmotionalIntelligence is about getting people to think with their heart and not their head. Through group coaching, I can help your team achieve optimum performance all the time. @QuinnFerrall
  • With AI automation today, if engineers can’t connect and collaborate with other people and can’t be creative, they could easily lose their edge at work. I can help you tap into your #EmotionalSkills to increase your career success. @QuinnFerrall
  • What made me successful wasn’t just the professional registrations I got but how I related to the people around me. I can help you achieve success by learning to connect with people. #EmotionalIntelligence @QuinnFerrall

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