Thought Leader Life 525: Guest Ken Judy



How to avoid failing software projects by understanding what the leader really wants to achieve. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Ken Judy (, the Chief Operating Officer at Stride Consulting. He is also an Executive Manager, Coach, Product Owner and a Developer.

Ken and his team seek first to understand what success looks like and what keeps you up at night. Then, they will embed and work alongside you to create a customized solution that results in the right approach for you. Regardless of your immediate need, their intention remains the same – help you be your best. They are here to help your business improve through software. They will help you embrace change in a way that actually becomes a competitive advantage.

If you’ve got a software project and you fall into that 70 to 90% that is #Failing in some way or another and you want to reach out to stride, you should consider to reach out Ken Judy by visiting or

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • People who have #Failing software projects should consider reaching out to Ken Judy. @kenjudy
  • The novelty of what they’re trying to build is 72 over 90% of projects either extend beyond a reasonable time. They cost more than the plan budget or they end in some kind of unsatisfactory result. #Failing @kenjudy
  • My approach is really customizable and my team is powered enough to be able to come in with results or an approach that’s different for each customer. #Failing @kenjudy
  • We really believe that the people are as important as whatever the processes are practiced. #Failing @kenjudy
  • We work with the leaders to understand what they’re actually trying to #Achieve, how they would measure it and what value that would bring to their business. @kenjudy

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