Thought Leader Life 537: Guest Brian Rollo



Reap profit, productivity, and peace of mind by creating healthy culture, and people-first strategies for managers. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Brian Rollo (, leadership coach, business culture strategist, and speaker who helps managers and leaders benefit from putting people and culture first.

Brian is passionate about helping businesses perform better. He has learned that organizations often focus on fixing the wrong things to improve performance. They mistakenly concentrate on tactics and policies instead of people. He believes that no tactic or plan works as well as it should when a culture is unhealthy. So, he helps businesses reap the profit, productivity and peace of mind that come from creating healthy cultures and people-first strategies.

If you’re running an organization or division, and you have managers who are actually carrying an SOS sign, and you need a little help and support, you should reach out to Brian Rollo by visiting his profile at or going to his website at

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Managers carrying SOS signs should reach out to Brian Rollo.
  • Almost every organization has managers that are carrying around SOS signs. These might not be written signs, but there are signs there, if you look closely enough that they are struggling.
  • A lot of managers become managers and they are subjected to what I think might be the three deadliest words in business, and that is sink or swim. A lot of them are sinking unfortunately, and what I do is I help them.
  • What would you do if you saw somebody with an SOS sign? I help them. That’s my business. So I help them with personalized leadership coaching, and teach them what they need to know to speed up.
  • At one time, I was carrying the world’s biggest SOS sign so that’s how I know it. I was one of those who was a good performer, and was eventually asked to lead a team of people which requires a completely different set of skills set.

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