Thought Leader Life 539: Guest Stan Phelps



Shift your business paradigm and drive loyalty and sales. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Stan Phelps (, Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator at and, In-Person and Virtual Keynotes & Workshops That Drive Differentiation.

Stan is a Forbes Contributor, TEDx Speaker, and Certified Speaking Professional. He is passionate about creating meaningful differentiation to win the hearts of both employees and customers. He aims to increase loyalty, retention and referrals. Since he focuses on loyalty and business growth, he helps companies shift their business paradigm so that they can build a culture of ongoing commitment rather than a campaign.

If you’re part of a company with anemic referrals and loyalty, you should reach out to Stan Phelps by going to his website at or visiting his profile at

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Organizations with anemic loyalty and referrals on both the customer and employee side should reach out to Stan Phelps.
  • The work I do is to help organizations really create remarkable customer and employee experiences. And I do that through the writing I’ve done, through the Goldfish series of books, which are now 15 books strong.
  • I speak all around the world. I’ve been through hundreds of events, 16 different countries, and I do a lot of training as well to help organizations rethink their experiences.
  • I am more hands-on project-based workshops where we really get our hands dirty, rethinking that either customer or employee journey and how we can level up the experience.
  • After two decades as a marketer, I worked for some pretty big brands and agencies. I saw that marketing was changing, and I was part of the problem.

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