Thought Leader Life 545: Guest Mari-Lyn Harris



Alleviate your emotional pain through hypnotherapy. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Mari-Lyn Harris (, a certified hypnotherapist and personal coach. She is the chief happiness officer and kindness coach of Heart@Work.

In essence, Mari-Lyn Harris works with humans who harbor emotional pain. Hereby, she aims people to be happier and kinder to themselves.

If you are in emotional pain and hanker to converse with someone who is a good listener and do hypnotherapy, you ought to reach out to Mari-Lyn Harris by calling 510-320-8332 or by visiting

Here are several AHA messages from this episode:

  • Individuals with emotional pain should reach out to Mari-Lyn Harris. #Hypnotherapy @HeartAtWork
  • I have a podcast that I do to help people create their own path to legacy. And so, I help leaders so they can showcase themselves and promote themselves of what they do, ergo, they can also share that with other people. #Hypnotherapy @HeartAtWork
  • I listen to people and have a dialogue or conversation about where they’re hurting and what’s stopping them. Through #Hypnotherapy, we figure it out so that they can either release it or let it go, so they can move on with their lives. @HeartAtWork
  • I started at Heart@Work 18 years ago, promoting kindness and business. And thus, from that, I procured a great deal of experience of talking to business owners and people who have pain. #Hypnotherapy @HeartAtWork
  • I hold a certificate for #Hypnotherapy and I’m toiling towards my counseling certificate as well right now. @HeartAtWork

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