Thought Leader Life 560: Guest JacQuaeline



Relieve stress through your intuition power. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert JacQuaeline (, a psychic, trainer, and coach. Equipped with the flair in coaching, she was conferred with the “America’s Foremost Intuition Skills Trainer” title.

JacQuaeline is an executive consultant, project specialist, motivational speaker, radio host and spiritual director among others. She conducts public speaking, life coaching, career development coaching, leadership development and executive coaching.

If you’re a team leader and have got a bunch of employees who are overstressed, consider reaching out to JacQuaeline who can deliver really good solutions for you. Visit and for more information.

Here are several AHA messages from this episode:

  • Team leaders that have employees that are a bit overstressed or a lot overstressed should reach out to JacQuaeline. #IntuitionPower @IntuitionPower
  • I had seven years of training as an intuitive psychic. I opened my first consciousness training center in 1982 in Los Angeles. I had a radio talk show for eight years on human potential broadcasting in Southern California. #IntuitionPower @IntuitionPower
  • Whether it be meditation skills or any type of stress reduction, or how to handle a lot of issues, I can train executives as well as employees, and help them think out of the box. #IntuitionPower @IntuitionPower
  • JacQuaeline’s adroitness in training people and reading for particular businesses has put her on the top spot. No wonder why she is dubbed as the “America’s Foremost Intuition Skills Trainer”. #IntuitionPower @IntuitionPower
  • I teach the spoon bending. If you can bend metal with your mind, what else is possible? #IntuitionPower @IntuitionPower

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