Thought Leader Life 563: Guest Robert Pizzini



Gain superior executive level competency and confidence in lifelong leadership. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Robert Pizzini (, award-winning CEO, consultant, speaker, retired US Navy and bronze star recipient, managing partner and chief executive officer of iFly Virginia Beach Indoor Skydiving, and founder of Elevate Your Leadership. He’s an unconventional mentor to many, a leadership coach and a high energy speaker who helps to develop and advance leaders at all levels in a most genuine manner.

Robert is passionate in refreshing and energizing leaders for the rest of their professional lives. He helps business owners, executives, top management, and public figures such as political leaders, adapt and evolve, in a way that’s credible, meaningful and long-lasting.

If you can admit to yourself and say you don’t have the confidence to be as good of a leader as you need to be, consider reaching out to Robert Pizzini by visiting his websites and

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Business owners and leaders who need confidence in their ability to lead should reach out to Robert Pizzini.
  • Leadership is like a skyscraper – a tall building that needs a very deep and very wide foundation. I can teach you how to build and evolve that foundation so you don’t wobble in your leadership. #ElevateLeadership
  • Leadership is a perishable skill set that needs to be rehearsed, practiced, and exercised routinely. I can guide you how to optimally align who you are and what you believe to what you’re actually doing. #ElevateLeadership
  • A thorough understanding of your organization will improve your effectiveness as a leader. My role is to help you in making tough decisions and knowing what processes you need to prioritize. #ElevateLeadership
  • I can energize you and prepare you to lead for a longer duration with endurance. Through experience, education, and training, your competency as a leader will advance and evolve. #ElevateLeadership

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