Thought Leader Life 622: Guest Jared Brick



How to create a strategy to solve digital confusion. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Jared Brick (, he is the Media Producer, Director and Founder of Brick House Media. He is also a Media Marketing Strategist, Video Director and Content Creator. He helps Thought Leaders who have digital confusion.

Jared Brick’s vision is to become a professional photographer, and share new perspectives of this dynamic evolving world. He founded Brick House Images in 2000, to fulfill his creative passion. He’s always possessed an attraction to visual media, with talents in social marketing, skills in digital education, business strategy and a lifetime of expertise in photography and video. Jared offers an opportunity to leverage these expertise areas for emerging thought leaders and break through bold clients.

If you’re a thought leader or small business owner and you do have #DigitalConfusion, you should consider reaching out to Jared Brick by visiting his website at or through

Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

  • Thought leaders with #DigitalConfusion should reach out to Jared Brick by visiting his website at or through
  • If you think about the word social media, it’s two words. Social media. Most people think it’s about media, but it’s really about social #DigitalConfusion. Where do you start, who do you use and what is appropriate? @JaredBrick
  • An expert is someone with expertise. A leader is someone with a following. #DigitalConfusion @ JaredBrick
  • When we work with clients, we first start with a holistic overview of where are you at today. What channels are you active on? How’s your website? What’s your email marketing strategy and your social strategy? #DigitalConfusion @JaredBrick
  • We always attribute the source and then we offer an insight to our community. Why are we sharing this with you? Why do we feel like this is so valuable for you to understand and implement it today? #DigitalConfusion @JaredBrick

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