Thought Leader Life 665: Guest Nancy Sherr



Unlock your preeminence and joyfully put it to work in the world. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Nancy Sherr (, a career coach and consultant.

Nancy Sherr is a pundit in optimizing career and job transitions. She has developed CareerDNA, her signature framework, to help seasoned professionals and executives achieve their preeminence. She has an obsession with creating great career outcomes.

If you are experiencing career malaise and you need to unlock your preeminence, it is best to reach out to Nancy Sheer by e-mailing her at or by visiting her LinkedIn profile on

Here are several AHA messages from this episode:

  • Individuals who are experiencing career malaise should reach out to Nancy Sherr. #Preeminence @NancySherr
  • Through my work, leading teams of people, and helping people to grow and optimize their careers, I became really curious, even more so, about what really brings a person into their best self at work. #Preeminence @NancySherr
  • Leaving my corporate life, I did a ton of research, testing and developed a framework that’s in place today. I’ve taken hundreds of people since then to help them get a superior result and do work which is relevant and truly them. #Preeminence @NancySherr
  • I have a long corporate career. I worked at Fidelity Investments for 22 years. When I joined that firm, there were 715 employees, and when I left, there were 45,000. So, I was a part of the phenomenal growth period for that firm. #Preeminence @NancySherr
  • I work with seasoned professionals and senior-level leaders who have reached their career crossroads, and truly want to make a change, and really want to unlock what makes them unique and amazing. #Preeminence @NancySherr

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