Thought Leader Life 685: Guest Joey Price



Scale up your business with innovative HR consulting strategies. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Joey Price (, a human resources small business CEO, HR subject matter expert, business podcast host, and social media influencer.

Joey Price is the CEO of Jumpstart:HR, an organization that aims to grow small businesses and start-ups through innovative cutting-edge HR consulting solutions. He has earned numerous recognitions, one of which is “Top 30 HR Professional Under 30” by SHRM’s HR Magazine.

If you’re in a small business and you acknowledge the essence of ascending the HR higher to elevate your people to the top, it is best to reach out to Joey Price by logging on to or by visiting his profile at

Here are several AHA messages from this episode:

  • Small businesses who want to elevate their HR, but don’t want to do it themselves should reach out to Joey Price. #HR @JumpstartHR
  • My passion is to help our employees be better at work, show up better at work, and suffer less of those negative consequences that workplaces can have such as stress, burnout, turnover… things of that nature. #HR @JumpstartHR
  • COVID taught us that our people are what is going to save our businesses and so even this moment that we’re in, it’s not enough to think of this as a blank slate, but more a clean pivot into building the company that you want to build. #HR @JumpstartHR
  • I found ways to provide value to companies by making sure that they’re building a workplace culture that they want to enjoy and be around so that more people are excited about Monday than they are about Friday. #HR @JumpstartHR
  • You know, we’re not here to save the sinking ships, but we’re really to help those that want to perform at a greater level, take that next step and have a guide! #HR @JumpstartHR 

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