Thought Leader Life 712: Guest Warren Whitlock



Make your message heard by getting through the clutter. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Warren Whitlock (, the founder and CEO of Stirling Corp.

Being the director and advisor in the business of future tech, Warren Whitlock is focused on exponential growth in blockchain, media, and e-commerce. He advises companies on the strategies needed to take advantage of digital media tools and online opportunities that drive growth and profits.

If you’re a startup, and you have a message that is unheard, it is best to reach out to Warren Whitlock by visiting his LinkedIn page at or his website at

Here are several AHA messages from this episode:

  • Startups that have an unheard #Message should reach out to Warren Whitlock. @WarrenWhitlock
  • People ask, how do you get 500,000 people on Twitter? We just have a nice conversation, and it always leads to that. And the reason is they see that they’ve got somebody that cares and the other thing is dependability. #Message @WarrenWhitlock
  • What I try to do is focus on what that #Message really is, and then, get it out to the right kind of people. There are just millions of people that are dying to get your answer for whatever their problem is. @WarrenWhitlock
  • My job is to figure out that not everybody wants anything. But that’s okay. There are 7 billion people on the planet. There will be a lot of people wanting whatever it is that you do. Find that market, make sure we get it! #Message @WarrenWhitlock
  • There are just millions of people that are dying to get your answer for their problems. They just don’t know you, and they need to get to know you. When we build rapport, tell them the #Message, and then that’s when the magic happens! @WarrenWhitlock

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